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How to put a tiled roof on a conservatory

In 2010, the regulations changed about what constitutes a conservatory and conservatories were no longer required to have fully glazed roofs in order to fall into this classification. That is quite important as conservatories are usually caught within what is described as ‘Permitted Development’ which means you don’t need planning permission subject to certain criteria. This now gives homeowners a whole raft of different options when it comes to refurbishing or upgrading a conservatory roof including a solid tile or slate finish. This article looks at how to put a tiled roof on a conservatory.

What is a tiled roof on my conservatory likely to cost?

There are several different factors which can affect new roof costs including your choice of roofing materials, the size of the conservatory plus whether you want any skylights to retain that traditional conservatory feel.  A good average to work to would be £5,000

Is any conservatory suitable?

Yes, not only because the regulations have changed but because most solid roofs are made of lightweight materials not real slates or tiles so the current structure should bear the weight quite easily.  These new materials are cheaper as well compared to the real roofing alternatives and usually available in a far greater range of colours and finishes to either contrast or complement the main house.

What is the process of putting a tiled roof on a conservatory?

The current conservatory needs to be assessed for structural integrity not necessarily because there are concerns about whether or not it will bear the weight of a solid tile roof as most do but if any repairs or refurbishment are needed to the main frame due to either age or neglect.

Once the conservatory has been assessed then it is just a question of choosing your roofing material and any other additional features.  Some people opt for rooflights or skylights so they can keep that traditional conservatory feel or you can make a feature of the interior with a vaulted ceiling.

A solid tile roof will take a couple of days to fit on a standard sized conservatory and it is as simple as removing the old roof and installing the new one.  The transformation can be quite spectacular.

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Why put a tiled roof on a conservatory?

The first reason is because you can and many homeowners are loving the look of a fully tiled or slate roof.  It can integrate the conservatory much more into the main home instead of it looking rather like an add-on particularly if the conservatory has a brick base.  A solid tile or slate roof gives an air of permanency.  The other reason is to improve thermal efficiency and get rid of all those problems associated with a traditional glazed or polycarbonate roof.

20th century conservatories were notorious for being too cold in the winter with condensation problems and too hot in the summer with solar gain – it is the roof that controls the temperature of the conservatory rather than the walls.  A solid tile roof can eliminate these issues because it retains any naturally created heat in the winter and prevents overheating during the summer.  However, there are some other added benefits:-

  • Privacy is a big plus point particularly for modern houses which are grouped together in clusters and often overlooked
  • Noise reduction is a favourite feature whether that is from rainfall, traffic sounds or just disturbance from adjacent buildings – acoustics are improved creating a calm and quiet environment
  • The ability to maintain a constant and liveable temperature not only makes the room more appealing and useful but can also offer a big reduction on your energy bills.  Many people with old-fashioned glazed or polycarbonate roofs are forced to add extra heating in the winter and fans or air-conditioning units in the summer which all adds up to higher utility costs
  • Do away with fiddly and difficult to manage roof blinds which are expensive to fit and hard to access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Avoid the care of a glazed roof which is quickly spoilt by dust or debris from the weather and surrounding trees; a solid tile roof will stay looking good for years and the colour and materials are far more forgiving when it comes to environmental impact than glass panels
  • A solid tile or slate roof can completely overhaul a rather tired and dated conservatory and save you the expense of replacing it with an entirely new build.  Some older conservatories can look rather impermanent and flimsy, adding a solid roof is a great refurbishment idea and for a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission to change a glazed conservatory roof to a solid tile roof?

If you are not making the conservatory larger then you shouldn’t need planning permission.  However, if your conservatory is attached to a listed house or located in a conservation area then restrictions may apply.  Speak to your local planning department if you are unsure.

Tiled conservatory roofs seem to be popping up all over the place, why is this?

The change in regulations in 2010 meant that for the first time, homeowners were free to use materials other than glass or polycarbonate for their conservatory roofs.  Herald the advent of 21st century lightweight faux tile and slate products which could sit on an existing conservatory structure plus solve all the thermal regulation problems of single glazing or polycarbonate panels and you have a winning combination.  Tiled roofs combine all the advantages of conservatory style and living without any of the disadvantages.

How can I finance a new solid tile roof for my conservatory?

Some conservatory companies offer finance packages subject to status.  Homeowners can also use equity in their homes to support a re-mortgage or Home Improvement Loan to release capital sums for refurbishment projects and upgrades.

So, how to put a tiled roof on a conservatory is a pretty easy process and there are virtually no drawbacks or disadvantages to the finished product.

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