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Do I need planning permission to replace my conservatory roof?

Thinking about finally replacing that conservatory roof but not sure if you need planning permission? The simple answer is - no, you may not need planning permission to replace your roof provided you meet certain criteria. 

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There are a number of reasons why you might be thinking about replacing your old conservatory roof including:-

  • The roof is cracked or chipped
  • There are splits or other deterioration and it is leaking
  • You want to redesign your conservatory and create a whole new look
  • Modern materials mean that there are now solutions to some of the age-old problems associated with a traditional conservatory roof which often means it is too hot and bright in the summer and cold and damp in the winter
  • The roof looks tired, has wear and tear and needs upgrading
  • You are preparing to put your house on the market
  • A new conservatory roof forms part of other home improvements you are undertaking

So do I need planning permission?

Renewing or changing a conservatory roof does not usually require planning permission.  In 2010, the law changed and relaxed the requirement for a conservatory to have a roof which was at least 75% translucent opening up other choices of roofing materials for homeowners. If you intend to significantly change your conservatory and make it larger or higher then you should check with your local council’s planning department that your works still fall within what is described as permitted development otherwise you could need planning permission. 

If your property is listed or in a conservation area or both then you will almost certainly need planning permission before you alter the conservatory roof.  Your choice of roofing materials may be limited to the original style or restricted to options which are sympathetic to your main house and the properties which surround it.  If you do require planning permission then the fee is currently around £200 for a single application.

Spoilt for choice – what are the options?

If you want to retain that classic conservatory look and feel then you could consider replacing your old glazed roof with one of the new generation glass options.  These have been designed to resolve some of those common problems with older style conservatories, like too much light and glare and poor temperature control. 

Polycarbonate has reinvented itself and provides sleek, contemporary designs in either clear or cloudy options, super stylish for lean-to or wraparound conservatories and very economical. 

A solid tile or slate roof is very much in vogue at the moment which can give a conservatory an air of permanency and integration with the main house.  A solid roof offers temperature control and thermal regulation creating a multi-functional room with a fully glazed aspect – the best of both worlds.


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