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How much does a glass conservatory roof cost?

If your old conservatory roof is looking rather tired and dilapidated or worse, has cracks and chips and is starting to leak then you might be thinking about replacing it with a new glass roof. A shiny new glass roof will breathe fresh life into your conservatory. But how much does a glass conservatory roof cost? It'll cost between £2,500 up to £8,000 depending on a number of factors that we'll cover in this article. However, this investment could potentially save you money on energy costs going forward!

Last Updated: October 2022

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How much will it cost?

Modern double glazing materials can remedy many of the old problems with a standard glass roof such as thermal regulation and temperature control and, new self-cleaning glass products can even keep them clear of smudges, marks and the build up of dirt. The cost will depend on several factors including:

  • The size of the conservatory and its roof
  • The design of the conservatory, is it a simple lean-to or a complicated Victorian orangery, a double hipped conservatory or a gable conservatory?
  • The type of glass product you choose
  • Whether you need any repair or refurbishment to the current structure
  • If you decide to upgrade your conservatory at the same time as installing a new roof

The cost for a new glass roof will range from £2,500 up to £7,000 depending on all of these factors.

The glass conservatory roof installation process

First of all, your roofing contractor will undertake a thorough site survey. Then he / she will give you a more accurate glass conservatory roof cost. Once agreed, The old roof is carefully removed to be disposed of and then any necessary repairs or upgrades are carried out to the existing structure. Next, the new glass roof is fitted and then finally rainwater goods are replaced or renewed. Average installation time for a conservatory roof which is not too large or complicated and which doesn’t require any additional work or repair is around two to three days.

Do you need planning permission to replace your glass conservatory roof?

Under normal circumstances, you won’t need to apply for planning permission to change to a glass roof on your conservatory. However, if you are making the conservatory larger or higher then this might trigger a planning consent application. Also, if you have a listed house or live in a conservation area then you will need to discuss your conservatory changes with the planning officer as you may need to apply for planning permission even if you are effectively replacing one glass roof with another.

You won’t need Building Regulations approval which is the case when fitting a new solid tiled roof to a conservatory. This changes the classification of the conservatory from a ‘temporary’ structure to a ‘permanent’ one and Building Regulations will apply in this situation.

New generation glass options

One of the biggest bugbears about the old glass conservatories from twenty even thirty years ago was the light and glare, almost too much in the summer months rendering the conservatory unusable. Now, there are a variety of new glass products with superb technology which actually block out 90%+ of the suns’ harmful rays which means even on the hottest and sunniest of days, you can still enjoy your conservatory at a comfortable temperature and without being blinded by the glare. A unique solar coating can reduce glare by over 50%.

Glass conservatory roofs have always been relatively low maintenance particularly compared to polycarbonate which has a tendency to warp and then leak over time. Glass is also a better insulator than polycarbonate meaning your conservatory will stay warm enough to use in the winter months too. Now, new self-cleaning glass means you won’t always have to be up a ladder removing smudges and smears. This product reacts with the sunlight to break down dirt. There is also tinted glass which protects against UV rays and will prevent your furniture from fading or being bleached by the sun.

Lean more about roof cleaning and coating costs and on the cost of roof moss removal for keeping your roof clean even without self-cleaning glass.

Why is glass still so popular?

Glass is still popular as a roofing choice because it creates the iconic conservatory style which allows natural light to flood in whatever the season and connects you with the great outdoors. A conservatory can be enjoyed all year round and some homeowners feel they come into their own in adverse weather when you can view the elements outside whilst safe and snug inside your warm conservatory.

There is also something so very special about being able to see the sky and the trees which is only afforded with a glass roof. It is very unique at night to be able to sit and read or dine under the stars. Opaque polycarbonate or a solid tiled roof completely changes the whole vibe of a conservatory and loses that unbeatable style. Many people feel that a conservatory is just not a conservatory without a glass roof.

Other roofing options

There is a real trend at the moment to replace glass conservatory roofs with solid tiled or slate options. They may have some advantages over a glass roof but they are expensive and you lose that classic conservatory design and feel.

Polycarbonate is a cheaper alternative to glass, about four times cheaper on average, but for many still lacks that iconic glazed finish. Polycarbonate roofs don’t last as long as glass and fail to provide the clarity of natural light of a glass option.

A new glazed roof on your conservatory will increase the value of your property as well as decreasing your heating bills. New glass choices will keep the conservatory at a much more regular ambient temperature and lose the extremes experienced in summer and winter time which made the conservatory either too hot or too cold.

How to find glass conservatory roof costs?

There are lots of online platforms which supply lists of verified and reputable traders close to where you live. The best way to get an accurate glass conservatory roof cost is to fill out the form above and compare glass conservatory roof prices with up to 3 local companies. Make sure you get several quotes so you can find the keenest price and the right company for your job.

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