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uPVC Conservatory Roof Cost

There are lots of options if you want to replace your conservatory roof with solid roofs being particularly fashionable at the moment but aren’t conservatories all about sunlight? 21st-century glazing products remove many of the issues associated with older-style conservatories so now you can enjoy natural light and sunshine without any of the drawbacks with a new uPVC conservatory roof. The frame will be replaced with modern uPVC which is hard-wearing, stable and versatile and the roof fitted with glazed panels with lots of different types available. The cost range for a new uPVC conservatory roof varies from as low as £4,000 to £10,000 with a sensible average of £7,000 but much depends on the size of the project.

Last Updated: October 2022

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What factors influence the cost of a new uPVC conservatory roof?

Most figures quoted online are an average, what your actual uPVC conservatory roof cost will be depends on the estimate from the contractor or conservatory company who will visit your home and provide a detailed quotation.  The factors which can influence the cost include:-

  • The size of the conservatory roof
  • Whether any refurbishment or repair is needed to the existing structure
  • The type of glass you choose
  • Whether you add any solid panels
  • Fitting rooflights or skylights which open
  • Adding other features like LED lighting
  • Where you are located in the UK – tradespeople in London and the south-east almost always cost more than other areas of the UK



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What are the different glass options available for a uPVC conservatory roof?

Standard conservatory glass isn’t that expensive but there are plenty of next-generation products available which can transform your conservatory roof at extra cost.

  • Low E conservatory glass – this is a type of glass specifically manufactured to keep conservatories cool in the summer and warm in the winter using a transparent coating of metal which allows heat in from outside but when heat tries to escape (and hot air always rises) it bounces back from the roof so the conservatory remains warm even on the coldest of days.  This glass is 25% more expensive than standard glass
  • Self-cleaning glass – self-cleaning glass solves that perennial problem of a clear glazed conservatory roof which is always dusty or mucky particularly if your conservatory is located near trees.  It is about 20% more expensive than standard conservatory glass.  How does it work?  Self-cleaning glass uses a type of metal called titanium dioxide.  The sun’s UV rays cause the glass to grab any moisture or water molecules in the atmosphere, the water and titanium dioxide react and this reaction breaks down all the organic material that has built up on your roof and windows, when it rains, it is all washed away.  If it is dry, the technology works differently – moisture is taken from the atmosphere and reacts with the titanium, in the same way, to break down anything stuck to your window, this eventually turns into a film that uses gravity to slide down the glass taking the dirt with it.  This glass lets in a fraction less sunlight to your conservatory but most homeowners are not able to tell the difference when it is installed
  • Noise control conservatory glass – this can reduce the amount of external noise in the conservatory by up to 75% regardless of the origin.  Noise control glass is up to 25% more expensive than standard glass

See our pages on the cost of roof moss removal and roof cleaning and coating costs for ways to keep your new roof looking fresh.

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Why will fitting a new roof revolutionise your conservatory?

Most of the thermal problems associated with older conservatories focus on the poor thermal efficiency of the roof, not the walls as this is where most of the sunlight enters and the heat departs.

Older style double glazed roofs, polycarbonate roofs even single glazed roofs will make the conservatory very cold with condensation problems in the winter and too hot in the summer with too much heat and solar glare and little or no sound reducing effect against the sound of rain or external environmental noise.

A new uPVC conservatory roof can allow you to keep the daylight and sunshine that this space is all about whilst offsetting some of the drawbacks using modern materials.

  • Enjoy a warm conservatory in the winter and a pleasant ambient temperature in the summer months
  • Lose that condensation problem in the colder months
  • Avoid the need to fit blinds or remove existing blinds as solar glare is reduced
  • Save money on your energy bills, no more extra heaters in the winter or air conditioning units in the summer
  • Reduce fade on fabrics and soft furnishings
  • Enjoy reduced noise from bad weather and environmental factors like heavy traffic or disturbance from adjacent buildings

Trying to save money on the cost of a uPVC conservatory roof?

No one wants to pay over the odds so always shop around and obtain three to four estimates, this will not only help you choose the right contractor but will give you a real feel for pricing in your area.

Trying to save money using cheaper materials can be a false economy.  Most modern conservatory roofs are a far cry from the installations of old but, for a bit of extra investment, you can transform the interior of the conservatory with new glazing products which will impact your comfort and your pocket.

The main difference with some of the more expensive glass is its thermal regulation which will make a considerable dent in your energy bills.  The extra money you spend on your uPVC conservatory roof cost by upgrading to a superior glass will be recouped over the coming months with lower household costs.  That old mantra of buying the best you can afford was never more true when it comes to a conservatory roof.  New glazing products will also enhance the kerb appeal of your house when it comes to sale time. 

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