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Green Homes Grants for a conservatory roof

If you are a homeowner or even a tenant, you may be able to apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher to put towards the cost of installing energy-efficient improvements to your property. For many people particularly those with older style conservatories, the big question is, can you use a green homes grant for a conservatory roof?

Old glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs are poor insulators and mean the conservatory is cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer.  A Green Homes Grant for your conservatory roof can help manage the cost of insulation or go towards the costs of renewing the roof completely using new generation materials which solve many of those issues that plague older style conservatories. 

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How much is the Green Homes Grant for a conservatory roof?

The voucher can cover up to two-thirds of the cost of eligible improvements to a maximum government contribution of £5,000.  For low-income households, the voucher can cover 100% of the price of an energy-saving home improvement subject to satisfying the relevant criteria.  In some cases, the voucher can be worth up to £10,000.

Do all conservatory roofs qualify?

When the scheme was first launched, there was a lot of ambiguity about whether conservatory roofs were eligible.  This is because the idea behind the scheme is to improve the EPC – Energy Performance Certificate - rating of a domestic building and conservatories do not always fall within the EPC assessment criteria.  Sometimes conservatories are not classified as part of the main home for EPC rating purposes – it depends on their design.

If the conservatory is separated away from the main house with a wall and a sufficiently good quality door – a door that would otherwise be used to open to the outside – then it will not form part of the dwelling for EPC assessment purposes.  It, therefore, follows that any improvement to its energy efficiency by insulating or replacing the roof won’t improve the EPC rating of the property and will not be eligible for a Green Homes Grant.

However, if the conservatory is classed as part of the main house because there is no door or separation from the principal dwelling then it will meet the specification for a Green Homes Grant for a new or refurbished conservatory roof.

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Why upgrade your conservatory roof?

If you have an old-style polycarbonate or glass roof then you will already know the answer to this.  Many older conservatories are just too hot in the summer and far too cold in the winter to be comfortable without additional heating. Although you want the natural sunlight, often the glare and the brightness are just too powerful so you might have fitted costly blinds to manage it.  What about all the condensation in the winter months?

Now new materials can provide a cooler ambient temperature in the warmer months and a warmer room during the winter without the need for extra heating and roof blinds.  These products can also reduce or even remove the problem of condensation.

Save pounds with conservatory roof insulation panels

Insulated aluminium panels were originally developed by Nasa and are a state of the art insulation material.  They are manufactured to offer a like-for-like fit into the existing roof framework and fits snugly over the existing panels.  They have many advantages:-

  • You won’t need to go the expense and hassle of a completely new roof
  • They are lightweight so can be supported by the existing roof framework without extra work or upgrades
  • The panels cut solar gain through the roof and also reduce heat loss during the colder months by between 70%-80% and can almost completely eliminate the need for extra heating except on the coldest of days
  • There is a gloss on the underside of the panels which reflects the natural daylight coming in through the conservatory sides keeping the room light and bright
  • Rain noise on the original roof is reduced
  • The panels are flexible which means you opt to leave some clear sections as skylights depending upon preference
  • Installation is quick and easy and usually take less than a day
  • Most insulation panels have a ten-year guarantee

Reduce your heating bills as well as increase the enjoyment of your conservatory

The UK is known for its grey cloudy weather and so a conservatory can be a real godsend on those endless grey days of winter, the best room in the house for any natural light.  But most conservatories are just too cold in the winter months for comfort – the glass walls and ceiling often mean there is a requirement for significant extra heating just to produce a pleasant ambient temperature.

New insulation materials mean that the householder's reliance on extra heating is significantly reduced. Avoid the need to install expensive underfloor heating and turn down the radiators – enjoy your new warmer conservatory and lower energy bills.

Conservatory roof insulation panels will keep your conservatory feeling much warmer during the colder months optimising the roof’s thermal performance.  The panels also reduce the glare which can be a real problem on cloudy days and make sitting or working in the conservatory uncomfortable without the use of blinds.

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What are the other advantages of conservatory roof insulation?

Using a Green Homes grant to insulate your conservatory roof will provide a total block to the outside so they do reduce visibility.  Many homeowners on modern estates or in properties that are overlooked enjoy the greater privacy that this offers – all the advantages of a sunroom but with more seclusion plus the panels make the conservatory feel more like a room integrated within the house rather than an add-on.  If you live in a location where there is a lot of external noise either from traffic or adjacent buildings then the panels will increase soundproofing as well.

How can insulating your conservatory roof save you money?

Using a Green Home grant to insulate your conservatory roof can save money in many different ways:-

  • Get a capital sum to put towards the cost of the installation
  • Lower your heating bills during the colder months
  • Avoid the need to add extra heating to your conservatory like electric fan heaters or expensive underfloor systems
  • Lose roof blinds which are expensive to install and fiddly to operate and clean
  • Avoid the cost of a completely new conservatory roof
  • Minimise refurbishment costs so you can upgrade an old-style conservatory for 21st comfort without breaking the bank or starting again with a new model.  Insulation panels are lightweight and can be fitted to the existing framework without the requirement for expensive upgrading

Make more use of your conservatory

Using a Green Home grant to insulate your conservatory roof will mean that a room once avoided during the autumn and winter is now the favourite destination for lots of family activities.

With all generations at home more than ever before, this space can be cleverly utilised for lots of different purposes such as a playroom or activity room for the kids, a study or office space for home-based workers or a cinema and media room.  Clever interior design and furnishing mean that many of these uses can overlap – an insulated conservatory is going to be the one room everyone will want to be in.

Cost-saving – a double whammy

Many installers will have their own discounts and promotions which you can put together with your Green Home grant to transform your conservatory roof and hardly make a dent in your bank account.

Upgrading your conservatory insulation will also increase the curb appeal of your home.  Many buyers are savvy enough to understand both the appeal and the known drawbacks of last generation conservatories and are wise to their drawbacks.  Showcasing a conservatory with thermal efficiency, low heating costs and year-round comfort will only increase the desirability and value of the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install conservatory roof insulation panels?

Unless the conservatory is very large or some unforeseen problems are encountered during installation, most fitting can be completed in just one day.

How do you apply for a Green Homes grant for a conservatory roof?

Application is quick and simple through the gov.uk website.  You will need to check your eligibility first and there is a handy tool online that will do this for you.  Before you apply, there is certain information that you need including:-

  •         The name and date of birth of the property owners
  •         The name and date of birth of anyone living in the property who is receiving benefits – this could entitle you to more money
  •         A quote from a Trust-Mark registered contractor or tradesperson for the insulation work on the conservatory roof
  •         The TrustMark licence of your chosen tradesperson

Successful applications will receive a voucher by email.  Vouchers are redeemed once the work has been properly completed and need to be used within three months of the date of issue or by 31 March 2022 whichever is soonest.

A Green Homes grant can transform not only your conservatory roof but also your quality of life and your heating bills.