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If you are looking for an effective and reliable way to buy quality roofing leads for your roofing company then why not take a look at Roofcosts (a trading name of Raindancer LTD). In partnership with Bark, we are an organisation supporting a nationwide network of roofers and roofing companies, generating genuine roofing leads which result in profitable business. No commission, no hidden fees. 

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You may be too busy to spend time on advertising and marketing. Buying roofing leads is a much more targeted, cost-effective and time-efficient way to generate business.   

As a business, we've supplied thousands of approved and qualified roofing leads to our partners. Once you sign up you'll be able to:

  1. See quality leads nationally or in your local area for your particular roofing specialism
  2. Contact clients directly using prequalified contact details.
  3. Win the work and grow your business

What's more, if you use up all of your initial credits and don't secure any roofing leads, Bark will give you your credits back as part of the Get Hired Guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

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Why buy roofing leads?

Unless you have the manpower or the budget to devote to it, lead generation can be both costly and time-consuming. To be successful at it requires targeted and monitored marketing strategies plus brand awareness and a whole host of other things which are pretty specialist when really you would rather be outside getting on with the job.

Buying warm roofing leads allows you to cultivate the customer and do what you are best at – providing a quality and professional roofing service but without all the hassle of having to generate the leads in the first place.  Building brand awareness and marketing and advertising can be something of a slow burn.  In the meantime, you want your business to be thriving so buying roofing leads is one of the best ways to get your roofing business out there in the public eye.  Even for leads which don’t follow through when you quote, you are still increasing your name and profile, putting your business out in front of the people that matter – the public.  Buying leads is definitely the quickest way to build a new business and you are free to either turn down the business or leave Roofcosts whenever you think you have enough solid trade.

Why is having a steady stream of leads so important?

Any trader will tell you that for every so many leads they receive, only a small percentage will bite and convert into real business.  That’s why to keep the workflow constant and steady, you will need a stream of leads coming in so that the business keeps moving along nicely.  Continuity and regularity of work when you run your own business is almost more important than the total volume.  It’s no good having tons of work if it all took place in just two months of the year.

Creating leads is time-consuming and can take you away from working for your customers.  It’s also harder than it looks to generate awareness and brand profile which might not matter so much if you are an established name with a long track record but is challenging if you are starting up.  Roofcosts uses sophisticated techniques to locate people who are already searching for a roofing company so our leads are not just speculative, they are warm leads ready to convert into hot business.

How do we build our leads?

With modern digital techniques, it’s really easy to come up with just lists of names and numbers, people who are not seriously interested or even at all likely to undertake any work on their home.  All this does is waste your time producing estimates for people who are not serious customers.

At Roofcosts, our leads are generated through inbound marketing techniques, tried and trusted methods like Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – and Google Adwords.  We can find people who are already actively looking for a roofing contractor and who have a far higher chance of following up your estimate. For example, those looking for re-roofing costs are likely to be considering the purchase. 

Exploiting the internet as a resource is a specialist business and we do all the hard work so you can just get on with your day and wait for the leads to roll in.  Roofcosts produce warm or hot quality leads not just a large volume of cold leads like other lead generation companies.  We provide leads for all types and sizes of business from small local jobs right through to large building projects.  We have generated thousands of roofing leads - our track record speaks for itself.

What type of leads can you buy at Roofcosts?

Roofcosts provide leads for all types of roofing service and work for all businesses whatever your size, from sole traders through to small local firms right up to established, large roofing contractors.  If you provide any of the following services then Roofcosts can provide quality leads for your business:-

Where are our leads based?

Our leads are generated from local customers in your neighbourhood right through to national projects.  Having a wide geographical spread of leads can help your business in so many different ways and you are free to pick and choose the leads you follow depending on your current work schedule.  Here is why Roofcosts national spread is so effective:

  • Build a local business profile and become the ‘go-to’ roofing firm in your local community
  • Receive leads for work that is located further away during the quieter winter months
  • Have access to large amounts of work in parts of the country which has suffered an extreme weather event
  • Become involved in large projects on housing estates further afield
  • Work away from home on specialist jobs such as roofing projects for listed or period houses

What is your national is someone else’s local lead so you can decide how far afield you want your roofing leads to come from.  If you are working in a particular location away from home then it may suit you to have leads which are based in that area.  A mix of leads gives you the ultimate flexibility for your business and crucially means you will always have work.

How to become a partner?

Roof costs is a trading name of Raindancer Ltd and is in partnership with Bark.com. Joining the Raindancer network couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is click on the online form below and follow the prompts. Put as much detail as you can about the services you offer and the type of leads you would like:

roofing leads

We will send you the lead every time we locate someone who is looking for the services you offer in your area.  Some of our matches are geographical but we do include a spread of locations - remember, Roofcosts is national - particularly if there is a lot of demand for work in one region either due to new building projects or storm damage. We will however, only send you leads in your area. 

As Roofcosts is increasing its profile online, more and more people are not even searching for roofing contractors in Google but coming straight to us to provide them with a list of suitable companies.  We take all the hassle out for the consumer, contacting reputable contractors on their behalf.

What other services do Roofcosts provide?

We are digital masters and have a range of effective and proven web-based solutions to help develop and promote your business 21st-century style. 

The internet is a huge resource but if you are busy with your business, it can be hard to get to grips with how it all works and how best to maximise its potential.  Roofcosts offer a range of digital marketing and website services so you can integrate your business fully into the online world without worrying about how it all works and the complexities of some of the specialisms. 

Our aim at Roofcosts is to become your long-term digital partner and maximise the potential of your business.  Why not explore some of the other online services we can offer so that you integrate more fully with our platform?  We offer an economic and cost-effective way for businesses large and small to exploit the digital world.  We can take the headache out of marketing and branding; the internet is our specialist service and we can enhance your business with capacity and functionality beyond just lead generation.  Speak to us to find out about what we can offer your company.

Tips to close your roofing leads

At Roofcosts, we don’t just provide warm roofing leads - we want to help you close those deals.  We are with you every step of the way.  Here are three golden rules to help you bag those jobs.

  • Rapid Response – the quicker you are, the more likely you are going to catch someone’s attention, this applies particularly to emergency roofing work when time is of the essence.  Management studies show that a response time of five minutes produces a far superior response to even waiting thirty minutes to reply.  Your initial reply doesn’t have to be detailed, it just has to make a connection to the customer and could be as simple as picking up the phone and agreeing to take a look at the job on your way home from work that night.  Learning how to respond rapidly and effectively is a really important business skill – you don’t have to get embroiled in writing lengthy quotes
  •  Persistency has its rewards – if someone doesn’t pick up their phone then don’t give up.  Leave them a voicemail and then pop them an email that night to follow up.  Create a staged response process so you don’t drop or lose leads which you haven’t been able to get in contact with – they could still be warm
  • Follow up protocols – as part of your business system, devise a process where estimates which are not accepted are followed up two to three weeks later.  This doesn’t have to be as crude as, “why haven’t you accepted my estimate?”.  Employ more subtle tactics like, we are running a special offer on polycarbonate conservatory roofing or maybe send a general short newsletter relating to weather or other topical events connected to home improvements.  There are lots of ways to get value from a lead even if they don’t accept your initial estimate – they could still be a future customer

Raindancer is ready and waiting to talk to you about your business today.