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Roof lantern and skylight installation costs explained

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Roof lantern and skylight installation costs explained

Adding light into a roof plane by using roof windows is a popular method to increase natural light into spaces which are dull and gloomy or into loft conversions where there would otherwise be no natural light. Skylights, roof lights, roof windows are all really one in the same thing – sometimes they are also referred to as Velux windows, although Velux is a well-known and highly regarded manufacturer of windows. A small rooflight or Velux window will cost around £800-£1,000 and a large window range from £1,300-£1,600 with some price variation depending on where you live. A roof lantern will likely cost between £2,500 to £4,000.

Last Updated: October 2022

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How much does it cost to install roof windows?

It is easy to find a unit price for one roof window online but what it is the real cost? As well as the window price which will vary depending on the size, you will need to pay for the following works:-

  • Labour so the cost of installation
  • The window will need a flashing kit which is what keeps it watertight as it sits in the roof structure and also a collar and insulation
  • There will be alterations required to the roof so removing the roofing material and underlay, creating the space to fit the window and then making good after it is installed

When are skylights or roof windows a good option for your home improvement project?

Skylights and roof lights can transform a living space at a relatively reasonable cost and in particular, where there are no other available options for natural light. Here are some examples of when householders opt for roof windows:-

  • Changing a glazed conservatory roof for a solid tiled or slate version which is very fashionable at the moment and all but eliminates the problems associated with traditional style conservatory roofs such as temperature control and thermal regulation. Velux windows or skylights allow you to retain views of the sky and let natural light and ventilation flood in without requiring a wholly glazed roof
  • Roof windows are pretty essential in a loft or attic conversion as they are the only mechanism to obtain natural light in what would otherwise be a dark and gloomy space
  • Using skylights in a single-storey extension can add light where it would not be possible to increase window space or insert glazed or patio doors
  • Rooflights work well in dark stairwells where even light decoration and artificial lighting cannot brighten the space

What is a lantern roof?

Roof lanterns are an architectural design which not only allows daylight in from all angles but is a stylish feature for your home. They are a hybrid roof solution borrowing conservatory roof principles and design and combining it with a flat roof. They are popular in flat roof extensions not only adding more light but creating a real sense of space in the room below.

Why are roof lanterns so desirable?

Roof lanterns are popular first off because the size of a new extension is not limited by the minimum required pitch of your roof which is the case with a standard lean-to extension roof. So, you have the increased floor space of your choice and also without the cost of a gable end roof with a pitch – flat roofs are cheaper. Add to this a large architectural feature which fills the room with natural light and increases head height, whilst also being a design statement both within the room and from outside.

Roof lanterns channel light from all directions so bring in more light than a standard skylight or roof window. They open up the ceiling to the sky so add roof height and completely alter the feel and look of the room from the interior aspect and add a feature which is also appreciated from the exterior. Roof lanterns are a bit of a statement feature, the idea being that they not only look good as a design installation but also create the maximum amount of natural light in the room below. Lantern roofs can be retro-fitted to existing flat roofs and can transform a simple extension.

Do roof lanterns need planning permission?

Usually, a roof lantern will not require planning permission as long as the structure stays within the rules for permitted development (PD).

How much will a roof lantern cost?

Much depends on the size and the complexity of the design but a structure of around 3m x 3m will cost around £4,000 including all the installation work. So a smaller one would be around half that price.

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