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Our roof cost calculator can provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to repair, refurbish or replace the roof on your home. We can help you budget for your roofing job so you stay in control of the costs and you can also access up to five quotations or estimates from local companies in your area available to do the work for you once you have submitted all your details.

The price for roofing work is not something most householders can easily estimate and there are so many variables.  We don’t expect you to get up a ladder and climb on the roof with a tape measure so do bear in mind the figures produced are only there to act as a guide. Comparing your requirements with a friend or neighbour is only likely to add confusion and give you a false impression of the real cost.  Using our handy roof cost calculator can help you understand some of the baseline costs and provide companies who are ready and able to quote if you want to take that extra step.

How does it work?

Just key in some details, this is the type of information we will need to know:-

  • The size of the roof in terms of length and height
  • The style of the roof, hip or gable
  • The length of the eaves
  • The length of the roof ridge
  • Whether you used metric or imperial measurements
  • The type of roofing material you are interested in
  • Whereabouts you live in the UK

It may be necessary to estimate some of the data like the roof dimensions so bear in mind that the costings produced are only a guide.  The calculator will let you see how changing the roofing material can impact on the final price and give you a feel for where the bulk of the spend will be and how you can make adjustments which are then reflected in the cost.

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How is a roof cost calculator useful?

If you need repairs to your roof or even a complete replacement then the cost of this can be pretty significant.  Planning ahead for this work requires a reasonably accurate forecast especially if you are looking to fund it via a Home Improvement loan or re-mortgage with your existing lender or a new company.  No-one wants any nasty surprises when it comes to planning the finance and a roof cost calculator can help you get in amongst some of the detail so you can know where your money is going.

What are the other cost considerations on roof repairs or replacement?

Our roof cost calculator won’t factor in any additional work you may be thinking of like a loft conversion or some of the other ancillary costs associated with roof repairs or replacement so to help prompt you when you are organising your finance, here is a checklist of things to think about:-

  • Do you need planning permission? If you are making significant change to the roof then this might be a requirement or, if you home is listed or within a conservation area then even small alterations may require consent
  • If you need professional drawings or plans produced then there will be professional fees for a surveyor or architect and these are usually in the region of several hundred pounds
  • You may need to draw up a party wall agreement under the 1996 Party Wall Act if you have one or more near neighbours, this can sometimes result in extra costs
  • There may be fees associated with building regulations approval depending on the scope and nature of the works
  • Include the disposal costs of old roofing materials and skip hire
  • Rainwater goods so guttering and downpipes are additional costs
  • There will be hire costs for equipment like scaffolding
  • Don’t forget the dreaded VAT!

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Choosing the right roofing contractor

Our roof cost calculator can trigger up to five quotes so how do you know which is the best one for your project? 

A contractor should always make a site visit to your home to firm up the costs.  They have the right equipment to measure up more accurately and can advise of any unforeseen issues or problems with your roof which might not be visible from the ground.

When you are comparing quotation costs, make sure you are comparing like with like; some contractors will include everything in great detail and others won’t so one quote could seem cheaper than another just because it doesn’t include all the extras.

Finding a recommendation from a friend or neighbour can be useful but don’t rely on their costs to guide your project as they could be very different.  Always check out trusted and authentic reviews online before you sign on the dotted line.

There are some key questions you can ask a contractor before you accept the quote:-

  • Is the price inclusive, is there anything that has been left out?
  • If you are working to a particular budget and your contractor is over budget, are there any suggestions they can make to lower the cost such as changing any of the materials they use?
  • Are there any concerns or problems they suspect with the roof which may not become apparent until they start work?
  • Do they offer written warranties for their own workmanship and manufacturer guarantees for the products and materials they use?
  • Can they offer references from previous customers who you can contact?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I look for funding for a replacement roof?

A new roof is a substantial investment in your home and can increase the uplift in the value of your home by up to 63% - this is described as ROI or Return on Investment.  Some households will seek to raise money via a Home Improvement Loan or Further Advance if they have sufficient equity in the property or, you could consider a re-mortage either with your current or a new lender.  Many roofing companies will offer finance arranged via a third party institution which will be subject to status and may require a deposit although there are some low deposit schemes available.

Will I need planning permission to alter or refurbish my roof?

This depends on the scope of what you are doing.  There is a certain amount of alteration allowed within Permitted Development rights or PD.  However, once you stray outside this, say you want a Mansard loft conversion or you want to change the height of the roof, then you will probably need planning permission.  If your home is listed or within a conservation area then even the smallest change to your roof can trigger the requirement for a planning application.  Contact your local planning department if you are unsure.

What is a Party Wall Agreement?

The 1996 Party Wall Act only usually applies if you live in a semi-detached or terraced home.  The Act requires a homeowner to seek agreement from his adjoining neighbours with whom he shares a boundary and is designed to protect households from disruption, nuisance and possibly any damage caused by neighbouring works.  There aren’t usually any costs associated with this process but if one or more of your neighbours employs their own surveyor to act for them – usually only the case if the situation becomes hostile – then you could be liable for any professional fees.

How long do roofing works take?

It depends what you are having done.  A completely new roof will take between two to four weeks from start to finish but more low key jobs can be completed in a matter of days.

Will a new roof increase the value of my property?

A new roof can uplift the value of your home by around 60% and offers much greater ROI – Return on Investment – compared to a new kitchen or bathroom.  A new roof will also increase the kerb appeal of your property to prospective buyers plus it offers peace of mind and a secure warm home for years to come.

Using our invaluable roof cost calculator can help you determine how much your project will cost and how to plan your budget.  We can also provide up to five estimates from trusted traders in your area ready and able to undertake your work.  There is lots of information available online about ‘average’ prices but these are so general that they end up being pretty unhelpful.

Always remember to obtain an accurate estimate based on a site inspection but there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises unless there are some hidden problems with your roof which you are not aware of.  Our roof cost calculator will help you accurately plan your spend and this might include factoring in additional works if you find your current job is going to cost less than you thought.

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