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Can I get a grant for a new roof?

New roofs are not a cheap acquisition and sudden failure of a roof other than from storm damage can present an immediate and very costly problem. If you're looking to re-roof your home, there may be roof grants available offered by the government to replace a roof with a new one or to undertake extensive and expensive repairs but the criteria are limited.

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Mostly the new roof grants are only available to people who are in a vulnerable position. Moreover, the home has to fall into the category of being deemed to be below acceptable living standards with the occupants of the property at serious risk.

The type of personal criteria for the applicant is usually as follows:-

  • An adult aged over 18 years and in receipt of at least one of the following benefits – Working Tax Credits, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Housing Benefits or Pension Credit
  • Be aged over 18 and have a disability or illness which means the applicant is in receipt of Long Term Incapacity Benefits, Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance
  • Be aged over 60

Usually, this scheme will offer a maximum sum of £5,000 in a three-year period for eligible applicants and would usually cover the cost of a new roof or a large proportion of the sum. Funding is subject to an inspection of the existing roof by a local inspector to confirm its current condition and state of repair. Local councils may also offer more general schemes which have a variety of different names like The Enhance Grant and embrace all types of improvement work to a property of which roofing can be one eligible element.

new roof grants

These come under the umbrella of housing renewal schemes and offer an average figure of £2,500 – some schemes are higher, some lower – for repairs and improvement to a property with the aim of making it safer, more secure and to optimise energy efficiency. They have very similar criteria for the applicant and the work must adhere to specified standards once complete. Additionally, there must be a fault with whichever area of the property the funding is being sought for. Most local council schemes also require a minimum period of residency in the property before an application can be made.

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Other sources of roofing finance

If you are faced with the prospect of needing a new roof, as a homeowner, there may be some sources of funding or roofing finance available to you if you do not fall within the strict criteria of some of the government roof grant schemes.

Some homeowners go to their mortgage company for a Further Advance or Home Improvement Loan. This is dependent on satisfying the lender’s affordability criteria and also having sufficient equity in the property to support the additional funding. Monthly payments are usually spread over the remaining term of the mortgage. Some lenders will ask to see evidence of the work carried out but many won’t. For some people, this can be a relatively painless way to obtain further funding and with the average new roof cost in the region of £4,000-£8,000, there may also be scope to consider loft conversions and other home refurbishment projects as well. Replacing your roof is a good time to consider loft or attic conversion schemes as the new roof can be tailored and altered for your interior plans. Remortgaging to another lender for a better interest rate deal can be an opportune point to raise capital sums for housing improvements. If the equity is present in the property and the affordability criteria are satisfied then subject to the LTV – Loan to Value Ratio – normally expressed as a percentage, most lenders are happy to advance funds on that basis.

Some roofing contractors will partner with financial institutions to enable eligible homeowners to access funding subject to status. For those with some money and who are able to put down a 50% deposit, they may find they can access the balance of the cost on a loan basis with zero interest payments over either 12 or 24 months. For those with less capital, finance may still be available with interest charged on the repayment instalments.

Middle-aged or elderly residents who have already paid off their mortgage may be able to sign up to an Equity Release Scheme which allows funding for capital projects and other costs to be supported by the value of their property.

Value for money

A new roof is not a cheap prospect but it will considerably enhance the value of your home and studies suggest a return of around 60% on the outlay beating that added by a new bathroom or kitchen. A new roof offers you years of worry-free weatherproofing and can also really improve the aesthetics of your house as well, what is known as ‘kerb appeal’ if you are going to the market. Heating bills can be improved with better insulation and temperature control.

If you find yourself constantly paying out for patch roof repairs then you might want to stop and think because you could just be throwing money away. A roof that has reached the end of its life and needs renewal can only be repaired so many times before it becomes uneconomical. Costs of roof leak repair are high, particularly if you are having to repair or replace roof timbers. With the average roof joist repair at around £400-£500, it can quickly add up to a tidy sum which could all be put towards the cost of a new roof which might be inevitable just a few months down the line anyway.

You can find out more about new roof grants available to you via your local council. For more information on home improvements, see information from the Citizens Advice Service along with government information on green home grants. Remember that you can also get grants for windows and grants for renewable heat sources such as air source heat pumps.

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