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Are there conservatory roof replacement grants available?

Conservatories retain an enduring appeal and have proved a popular home addition for decades but if you own a property that has a conservatory that is several years old, then it is quite likely that the materials used don’t offer the thermal efficiency and design features that are available now.

Most older style conservatories which have single-glazed or polycarbonate roofs are cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer. However, now, you can do something about it and you may even be eligible for a conservatory roof replacement grant to help with the cost.

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There are two clear options available and these are:

  • Insulate your current roof with lightweight aluminium panels - these can be fitted to the existing frame and will revolutionise the thermal efficiency of your conservatory roof and without usually requiring an upgrade to the original frame.
  • Replace the old roof with next-generation materials which include new glazing options or lightweight solid coverings. Solid coverings will make the space much more versatile and give the appearance of a conservatory that is more integrated into the main house.

Both options will hugely improve thermal efficiency and create the conservatory you have always dreamed of - a room with a pleasant ambient temperature that is not too cold in the winter and not overheated in the summer.



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Are there conservatory roof replacement grants available?

Some conservatories may be eligible for the Green Homes Grant which is a voucher scheme aimed at making thousands of houses in England more energy efficient. The Green Homes Grant scheme is part of the government’s commitment to making the UK’s carbon emissions zero by 2050.

A qualifying conservatory is not separated from the main dwelling by a wall and an outside door – this means the area forms part of the space assessed for Energy Performance Certification (EPC) and the structure is therefore eligible for the Green Homes Grant Scheme. Funds are available up a maximum of £5,000 for energy-saving home improvements which include conservatory roof replacement grants - £10,000 can be on offer to homeowners on a low income subject to qualifying criteria.

How can a conservatory roof replacement grant save you money?

The first saving is the money off voucher which you can put towards the capital cost of whichever roofing system or upgrade your contractor recommends.  Once your roof has been replaced or renewed, the thermal efficiency will change dramatically and you will find that the conservatory retains a much more consistent ambient temperature throughout the different seasons.

  • Enjoy lower heating bills during the cold months as your conservatory stays much warmer avoiding the need for extra freestanding radiators or fan heaters
  • Experience cooler temperatures in the heat of the summer so you don’t have to rely on costly fans just to make the room bearable or fit expensive roof blinds to block out too much sunlight

A new or refurbished conservatory roof can also increase the curb appeal of your home to prospective buyers.  Most purchasers are only too well aware of the drawbacks and disadvantages of older style conservatories with single glazed or polycarbonate roofs.  A sparkling refurbishment or replacement roof with a decent guarantee and excellent thermal efficiency will be really attractive if your house is going on the market.

How else can a conservatory roof replacement grant improve your quality of life?

Far from being a no-go area in excessively hot or cold temperatures, this is a space everyone is going to want to be in once you have upgraded or replaced the conservatory roof with the help of a replacement grant.  And apart from the financial savings, there are lots of other advantages.  You can create a completely new vibe to your conservatory with an opaque roof covering or insulation panels.

  • Increase privacy with a solid roof – if you still want some sky vision then insert skylights
  • Improve soundproofing from bad weather and block out external traffic noise or disturbance from adjacent buildings.  The acoustics within the conservatory can be improved by up to 30 decibels creating a calm and quiet space
  • Lose all the condensation typically associated with those cold winter days
  • Protect soft furnishings and fabrics from sun fade
  • A new solid roof or insulation panels added to the existing roof will significantly cut down on the cleaning and maintenance associated with old-style glass or polycarbonate roofs

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Is it better to opt for a replacement roof or upgrade the existing roof?

The choice is completely down to the individual and may depend on the design and condition of the existing conservatory. New generation roofing materials are very lightweight so a solid roof doesn’t have to mean an upgrade to the existing structure which was built to only support the weight of a single-glazed or polycarbonate roof.

Solid roofs are fashionable as they can integrate the conservatory with the main property by matching the roofing material in terms of type and colour.  But insulation upgrades are also a great option and most of these can be completed in just one day’s work.

What factors make a difference to the costs when replacing a conservatory roof

All you need to look forward to when replacing or upgrading a conservatory roof is a more thermally efficient and pleasant living space plus significantly lower energy bills.  However, there can be some associated costs and even hidden expenses.

  • If you are removing the old roof then there may be a charge associated with its disposal
  • A new roof or insulation upgrades shouldn’t require any structural changes to the existing frame of the conservatory but if your contractor finds any rot or damage when doing the estimate then this may need to be dealt with before the work to the roof is undertaken
  • You shouldn’t need to go the time and expense of a planning application but if your conservatory is attached to a listed property and/or a property situated in a conservation area then you may need to check out any changes you want to make to the roof with the listings officer in case there are restrictions
  • Choice of roofing material can affect the final cost – there are some super expensive options

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other conservatory replacement roof grants available?

It’s always worth checking with your council to see if there are any local schemes which you could benefit from – sometimes, householders may find that they are eligible for a rebate on their council tax if they install certain types of insulation in their home.  Most councils have a local energy efficiency or sustainability department which can provide more information.

What other ways are there to save money on upgrading or replacing a conservatory roof?

Shop around, many roofing and conservatory companies will have special offers and discounts which can help you save money on standard rates.  If you add this to a conservatory roof replacement grant then you can enjoy significant money off benefits on the overall cost.

What should you look for when comparing estimates?

It is important to use a trusted and reputable contractor, perhaps one that has been recommended by a friend or neighbour.  Don’t opt necessarily for the cheapest quote, it may be cheaper because it is not fully inclusive.  If you want to apply for a Green Homes grant for a replacement conservatory roof then you will need to supply one quote from a Green Homes Grant registered installer although you may have had three or four estimates to choose between, only one needs to accompany the application.  If the contractor is not a registered installer then the application will not be successful.

When is the best time to renew or replace a conservatory roof?

Most people opt for warmer weather if they are going for a full roof replacement, however, if there are no repairs or structural upgrades required then a small conservatory roof can sometimes be finished in as little time as one day.  Using insulation panels to upgrade and thermally insulate a conservatory usually takes just one day to complete.

What is the average cost to replace a conservatory roof?

This depends on lots of different factors including the size of the conservatory, the choice of roofing material, the condition of the existing structure and other variables like access to the site.  Even the postcode can make a difference – most quotations are more expensive in London and the south-east compared to the regions.

A replacement grant for your conservatory roof can help manage some of the initial capital costs.  When the work is complete, you will benefit from much lower energy bills and a conservatory that stays at a pleasant temperature whatever the season and whatever the weather.

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