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When should I replace my roof?

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When should I replace my roof?

There are some telltale signs that a roof needs replacing but principal amongst these is if your roofing contractor always seems to be visiting to make repairs. Patching up an old roof can become a waste of money if the roof needs complete renewal and you are better off putting the money towards the cost of an entirely new roof.


Sometimes without a proper inspection at height, it can be hard to see if a roof needs replacing, here are some key signs to look out for:-

  • Tiles or slates which have slipped, cracked or loosened
  • A roof which is sagging which indicates that water may have penetrated over time and there is rot in the roof joists
  • Damp and mould on the ceilings and walls of the upstairs bedrooms
  • A pre-purchase survey which has confirmed that the current roof is reaching the end of its life

Most roofs have a lifetime depending on the type of roofing materials used and to some degree the location of the house. Other than wear and tear over time, sometimes storms or extreme weather events can cause sudden and unexpected damage to a roof such as a fallen tree or the wind can strip off roofing materials meaning that a new roof is unavoidable. This would usually form part of an insurance claim and be covered by a payout under the buildings insurance policy.

If you decide to renew your roof, it is important to obtain several quotations from different roofing contractors in order to find the best price and the best roofing company for your project. A site survey and thorough inspection should provide an accurate estimate of the work which needs to be done. An old roof may require repair to joists if water has penetrated and caused rot or it could just be a case of stripping off the old roof – underfelt, battens and roofing material – and renewing them with no work required to the roof timbers.

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Will a new roof add value to my home?

A roof will increase the value of your home; industry estimates put the figure at on average 60% of return on your investment. Not only will it improve the appearance of your house but you will have the reassurance that the roof is watertight and weatherproof for many years to come, saving you unpleasant expenses such as roof leak repair costs.

Upgrade and re-design

A new roof is also an opportunity to change roofing materials to something more sympathetic to the property. If you are thinking of a loft conversion at the same time then you might want to explore the options of roof lights or Velux windows. Renewing your roof does not usually require planning permission unless the property is listed or in a conservation area but if you are changing the roof height or pitch or adding windows which project beyond a certain distance from the roof plane, then this may also trigger a requirement for a planning application.

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