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Porch Roof Replacement Costs and Options

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Porch Roof Replacement Costs and Options

Replacing a porch roof is a quick and relatively inexpensive job because the area in question is small and the access easy. The cost will depend on the size of the roof, whether there is any rot or damage to the underlying timbers and your choice of roofing material. Somewhere between £30 to £50 per square metre is a good average to work to for just replacing the roof without any other refurbishment and upgrades and installing new gutters.

Last Updated: October 2022

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How to choose a roofing material for your porch

There are numerous different roofing options available for a porch so how can you make the best selection:-

  • Think about the protection the roofing material needs to offer the space below in extreme weather bearing in mind your location and also which way the house faces. Most houses face south and a glazed porch can become very hot in the summer and heat can affect roofing tiles
  • Aesthetically, what type of roof works with the main house? Most people opt for an identical or near-identical roofing material so that the porch matches. You might also want to consider how the house sits with neighbouring properties particularly if you are in a terraced row
  • Don’t forget the guttering and rainwater goods which will need to match the porch and the rest of the house

Most people choose either some form of tile or slate for a pitched roof and something like EPDM rubber roofing membrane for a flat roof. This is far superior to the old flat roofing materials as it is flexible, stretches and is unaffected by temperature so performs well and has a long life.

Do you need planning permission if you are changing the roof from a flat roof to a sloping pitched roof?

Providing the total height is under three metres and there is a separating door between the porch and the house (so it is still definitely a porch) then there is no requirement for planning permission.

Are you thinking of adding a porch to your house?

A porch is a great way of adding a really attractive feature to the front of your house and also has a number of practical benefits too. A porch is a relatively inexpensive way to make a big difference to a house and will punch well above its weight when you look at the cost versus benefit.

  • A porch is a focal point and the first thing that visitors see; by making it attractive, you can really increase the aesthetics of your home and its kerb appeal
  • A porch can increase the amount of daylight entering the house and is perfect for dark and narrow hallways. Most porches feature quite a lot of glass in order to increase light, brightness and warmth
  • Porches or as they used to be called, storm porches, can protect the front door of the house from weathering and also offer shelter to visitors
  • For many people who are short on storage space, a well organised porch is a godsend for coats, shoes, bicycles and even as a log store
  • Porches add another layer of security keeping your home safe
  • Porches can help with insulation and heat loss particularly if you have an older property with original doors which can be draughty. If you have lots of visitors then a porch can help prevent the heat loss which is associated with constantly opening and closing the front door

Do you need planning permission to build a new porch?

You might dislike the current porch on your home or it could be in a poor state of repair or generally tired and outdated. Usually, the construction of a new porch does not require planning permission provided it sits within the following criteria:-

  • The porch is three metres square in area or smaller
  • It is two metres or less from any boundary that has a highway so a road or footpath
  • Maximum permitted height is usually three metres from ground level up with a flat or mono-pitched roof or no higher than 3.5 metres with a dual pitched roof
  • Materials used should be in keeping with the appearance of and sympathetic to the original building

If your home is listed or in a conservation area then you are likely to need listed building consent if you do want to add a porch.

Refurbishing your porch can make a disproportionately large impact on the look of your house for a relatively modest financial outlay.

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