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Why the lockdown is the best time to get a new roof quote

You may have stepped out into the garden to check your home roof or conservatory roof during the lockdown period. Or, you maybe you’ve been thinking about replacing your roof for a while. Either way, the lockdown presents a great opportunity for the savvy homeowner to potentially make a saving and get the project done sooner than expected. How? There are 5 reasons why now is the perfect time to get your roofing project underway.

Reason 1 - There will be a HUGE backlog of enquiries

When the lockdown lifts most roofers will be back in full swing, but there will be a large backlog of responses to get through. That means:

    1. You may have to wait longer for a call out to view your roof
    2. It’ll take longer for the work to start
    3. There may still be material delays
    4. The work may roll over until the winter - not ideal

Reason 2 - Home improvement loans are dirt cheap

Whilst the economic downturn is an unexpected tragedy, there is one upside - low-interest rates. Some lenders are offering as low as 2.9%. So if you financed the roof for £7,600 over the course of 5 years, you'll only pay £136.10 a month and pay back a total of £8,166.00. Interest rates on home improvement loans just won't go any lower!

Reason 3 - There will be a SURGE of roofing enquiries after the lockdown.

There will be a surge in enquiries the second the lockdown is lifted. That means you may struggle to get the work done this year. Best to stay ahead of the surge!

Reason 4 - You may get a reduced price

Business across all home improvement niches has slowed considerably as roofers haven’t been able to visit homes to provide a better quote. You may be able to get a reduced price on your roof project as roofers try to catch up with the work and lost revenue.

Reason 5 - The weather is getting better - but not for long

Whether you’re replacing your roof, fixing your roof or getting a new conservatory roof, the summer is always the best time to get started. This way, you’ll ensure that the new roof is fitted and fixed before the weather turns.

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