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What are the options when it comes to replacing a plastic conservatory roof?

If you have a plastic roof on your conservatory then you might be thinking of an upgrade because you fancy a change or your roof could have reached the end of its natural life and need renewal.

The average price to replace your conservatory roof will depend on the size of the conservatory, the complexity of the roof and, whether or not you opt to stick with polycarbonate roofing or choose glazing or a new solid tiled roof instead. A good figure to work to would be between £2,000 - £4,000 for a glass or plastic roof and between £4,000 and £8,000 for a solid tile or slate roof.

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Why are homeowners replacing the plastic roof on their conservatory?

There is a real fashion at the moment to replace glazed or plastic conservatory roofs with solid tiled or slate versions. This is because the style makes the conservatory seem much more integral to the main house rather than just an add-on and, a solid roof neatly solves all of the problems that can arise with old-fashioned plastic or glass options.

Costs for different conservatory roof types

For illustration purposes, these figures relate to replacement roof on a lean-to conservatory measuring 8 ft x 10ft and a Victorian conservatory roof with dimensions of 10 ft x10 ft.

Lean-to measuring 8ft x 10ft

  • Glass - £2,000-£25,000
  • Polycarbonate - £1,900 -£24,000

Victorian conservatory roof measuring 10 ft x 10ft

  • Glass - £3,000-£4,000
  • Polycarbonate - £3,000-£3,800

A solid tiled or slate roof will cost on average around £4,000-£6,000 and this is usually because of the cost of the materials and possibly any upgrading work which might need to be done to the structure of the conservatory to bear the additional weight.  There are synthetic options available which can give you the look of real tile or slate at a fraction of the weight, and the cost.

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Other cost factors

You shouldn’t need to apply for planning permission to change the roof on your conservatory but if your home is listed or in a conservation area then you will have to apply to your local council and pay for a fee which is just under £200.

Some people take the opportunity of fitting a new roof to carry out refurbishment works on the main conservatory structure.  You may have no choice if you discover damage or areas worn beyond repair.  And if you are fitting a heavier roof then you will need to upgrade the original structure to take this extra weight.

Some people just can’t bear to lose sight of the sky even with a solid roof choice so opt for roof lights or Velux windows which will increase the cost.  Or you might decide to choose a flat ceiling underneath a solid tile roof so you need to include in the costs both plastering work and redecoration.  And don’t forget the rainwater goods which you may want to renew or change to fit in with your new roof styling.


lightweight conservatory cost
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Frequently asked questions 

What is the process of replacing the current plastic conservatory roof?

The process begins with careful removal of the old roof.  The structure will need to be inspected and any repairs are undertaken before the new roof is fitted.  An upgrade in the type of roof material may require a corresponding upgrade to the frame of the conservatory, for example, a solid tiled roof will be much heavier than its plastic predecessor so work may be required to the existing structure to support the extra weight.

Which material should I go for?

The choice of material depends on the style and frame of your existing conservatory, the type of roofing on the main house – you may want to match it or contrast – your preference and ultimately, your budget.

Do I need planning permission?

The law changed in 2010 to allow conservatories to have roofs which were not 75% translucent which was stipulated in the previous regulations.  You should not, therefore, need planning permission to change the roof on your current conservatory but if your property is listed or in a conservation area, then you will need to apply for planning permission.

How can I finance my new roof?

Your building company may be able to help as some contractors have links to finance companies.  The other alternative is to seek funding via your mortgage company by way of a Home Improvement Loan or Further Advance.  You will need equity in the property and to be able to demonstrate to your lender’s satisfaction that you can afford the additional monthly payments. 

Will a new roof reduce my heating bills?

Yes, your heating bills should drop as a new roof either of solid tile or slate or one of the new generation glazed or polycarbonate options, will control far better the thermal regulation and temperature levels within the conservatory.  So you can say goodbye to a room that is either too hot to sit in during the summer or too cold and damp in the winter months.

How long will it take to fit a new conservatory roof?

It should only take a couple of days unless you are doing other refurbishment works or adding in extras like Velux windows or a suspended ceiling.

What should the estimate look like?

An estimate or quotation should follow a full site inspection of your current conservatory and show a split between the costs for labour and materials.  Expect the materials to be itemised and there should be separate costings both for equipment that needs to be hired in – a skip for rubbish and possibly scaffolding – and for the waste disposal.

Will my new conservatory roof have a guarantee?

A roofing contractor should offer you a warranty for the work regardless of your choice of roof material.  Some materials will attract their own manufacturer’s guarantee and the length of this depends totally on the roofing material you choose to use.


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