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Is your conservatory roof leaking? What to do.

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Is your conservatory roof leaking? What to do.

Modern conservatories are made of multiple sections connected with rubber or silicone sealant. Conservatory roofs are made up of connected panels, frames and vents which are all interrelated. Conservatories can become vulnerable to wear and tear over the years – warping, splitting and cracking – and the conservatory roof is one of the most common sources of leaks in this type of building.

A popular spot for water ingress is what is known as the finial point which is where the conservatory frame is attached to the brickwork of the main house. There should be metal flashing here to help seal the join but this can crack and split.

image from: https://www.mpnwindows.com/conservatory-upgrades-repairs.php

Sometimes, warping or cracking can contribute to a leak in one of the roof panels. A roof leaking in the centre can be due to the slippage of a roof panel or one that was incorrectly fitted in the first place. If the leak is fairly immediate after installation then it is more than likely to be due to a failure in the construction process. It can also be caused by a cracked glazing unit or a perished seal which is often a wear and tear issue that occurs as the building ages.

A leaking conservatory roof can cause damage to fabrics and furnishings, encourage mould growth which creates a poor respiratory environment and potentially cause electrical faults which can pose a fire risk.

Here is what you should do if your conservatory roof is leaking

  • Identify the source of the leak and repair it as soon as you can to prevent it from getting worse
  • Catch the water using a bucket and surround the area with towels to help mop up any spills or splashes
  • If the leak is caused by a seal on a join failing then you can repair this yourself but you will need to wait until it has stopped raining and the damaged area has completely dried out
  • Slipped or cracked conservatory panels can be repositioned and resealed, sometimes they have to be replaced to cure the problem
  • Polycarbonate roof sections which are one of the cheapest roofing materials also have the shortest lifespan and it may be that if you cannot fix the leak sufficiently to protect against heavy and prolonged rain, then you may need to replace the panel and possibly even the whole roof
  • Check to see if your guarantee is still valid if there is one – the conservatory may have been installed before you bought the house and there may not be any paperwork

Using a professional installation company to build your conservatory should ensure a finished product that is less likely to leak or be prone to warping and splitting as the years progress. You will also benefit from a guarantee the length of which will depend upon the type of roof you install. Keeping on top of your conservatory maintenance and regularly inspecting the seals and joints particularly after each winter means you are less likely to get caught out with a surprise leak and roof leak repair cost that follows.

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